Quality Analysis

A decade of experience in delivering accurate and actionable insights that empower eCommerce businesses to offer a seamless end-user experience.

Product testing

Darshan Soft-Tech has always believed in delivering the best to its clients! Our core focus is to ensure that clients receive best-in-class services. This is where the QA (Quality Analyst) department comes in! A team of highly experienced QAs who precisely understand the user requirements, analyse them and ensure that the product delivered to the client is solid, glitch-free, and meets their consumer needs and business objectives.


Accuracy is an Art, and We have Mastered it!

Whether it’s testing an app or a website, every team member meticulously analyses from a user perspective and the million heads that are going to use the apps, to provide practical solutions with complete accountability.

Our professionals are experts in implementing the best industry practices when it comes to QA. They keep pace with the dynamic technology landscape to deliver systems that run smoothly in every scenario and ensure a seamless shopping experience for clients while creating a competitive edge for the company.


The QA department is always vigilant and updated with every single functionality while verifying every minute detail on the site to make sure that everything is accurate on the website before going live.

Testing abilities

The Quality Analyst department is responsible for daily Ad-hoc testing, along with the testing of new and updated web pages. We offer a comprehensive suite of quality assurance and testing services, including:

  • Cross-browser testing
  • Testing on different devices & OS
  • End-to-end functional testing
  • Regression testing
  • Load & Stress testing
  • Performance testing & analysis

Automation is Future

The QA department is working to introduce new tools and technologies which would help us in achieving top-quality websites. Besides manual testing, we’re soon going to set up an automation department for writing scripts for regression testing. We are also planning to bring in a bug tracking tool which will help us track and keep a record of the issues found earlier and make sure they don’t recur.

Team work

We are backed by a reliable team that has profound technical knowledge and expertise to rigorously test even the most complex applications and deliver bug-free solutions. Efforts put by every member of this team are commendable when it comes to improving the quality of client websites in compliance with international standards. Meanwhile, recognition and appreciation from the managers, keep the team motivated and inspired to exceed client expectations!